Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My new Goodies and Bling!

So let me tell you about my new Goodies and Bling!  First up, the Kemetic Bling! cell phone case.  The pics and video -, - do this phone no justice!  This case is a representation of the boy King Tutankhamen, the Great Pyramids at Giza and the scarab.  Each mold is hand painted to painstaking detail and set on top of a bed of 100% gold Swarovski crystals!  This case Blings! so bright, it looks like your holding a solid gold bar in your hand.  My inspiration for the phone, was simply Kemet.  I wanted to do something that represented the 10,000 years of African magnificence, that is Kemet, Goodies and Bling! style!  So how better else to do that than to Bling! out a phone with Kemetic/Egyptian images on it! 
Next up, Diamonds and Pearls Bling!  Again, the pictures I captured of this phone case do it little justice.  This case is representing the Ultimate of the Ultimate in Blinged! out cell phone cases!  It is covered in just about every shape crystal Swarovski has to offer, including, navette, baguette, pear, diamond and three different sizes of rounds.  This phone Blings! so bright in the sun, people can see the phone coming before they can see the person holding it!  My inspiration for this phone was Swarovski!  I love the Swarovski brand and their crystal rhinestones.  They are exquisite and not too too pricey at the same time.  You can easily own something Swarovski and not have to remortgage your house to do it, but it'll look like you did! 
For the last Bling! installment, I give you RBG Bling!  RBG is short for Red, Black and Green, which are of course the colors of the Black Nationalist Flag.  This flag was originally created for the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) by the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  After the sabotage of the UNIA movement, the flag was later adopted by the Black Nationalist/African Liberation Movement as a whole.  I styled this case in the Black Nationalist colors, because I had to.  This phone is a representation of me, my community and everything I live for.  If this phone was to be created, it was to be created by me and it was.
So, if you represent the flashy side of life, if you want people be blinded by your very presence, if you want people to see you coming from a few hundred yards away, only makes sense to own one of these cases for your cell phone!  We will Bling! any cell phone, iPod, iPad, DS or laptop model case.  We also do custom designs.  For more information, please contact Shannon through this blog.
Did you get your Goodies and Bling!?
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  1. Now, there are a number of things to consider when choosing a phone case and in understanding this, you can understand how the cases available changed as the manufacturers and the big brands you know today quickly changed designs and materials to suit each of these considerations.


  2. I like the color combination what is the RBG. Now i was learn more how to customize my cellphone using with different kind and color of rhinestones. You did a pretty good post.