Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is Goodies and Bling!? Why you should buy it from me?

Peace Family!  I've been told to explain to my readers, why you need to have my Goodies and Bling!
First off, Goodies and Bling! is Kawaii.  What is Kawaii?  Kawaii means "cute" and it's a style of embellishment that has been one of the dominant fashion trends in Japan and much of Asia for quite some time now and we in the States seem to know absolutely nothing about it.  Many of us have seen rhinestone decorated cell phone cases, but we don't know the trend includes much more than just blinged out cell phones!
It all started with nail art!  Yes, finger nail art.  In Japan, cute, fuzzy animals, like Hello Kitty have been a part of pop culture for years.  For her most ardent fans, just collecting the Hello Kitty dolls and her accessories wasn't enough.  They began embodying Hello Kitty, literally.  One of the very first places this became apparent was on the fingernails.  Fans caught up in the trend started having their extensions decorated with everything Hello Kitty and anything cute that would accessorize Hello Kitty like little bows, rhinestones, pearls, candies and fruits.  The nail art industry fit right into this trend, because those in the trade had long been decorating nails with various items, so when Kawaii hit the scene, the industry was positioned to catch the wave.  Soon, it became hip to embellish every accessory, like hair barrettes, eyeglass cases, handbags, cameras, jewelry, cell phones, anything!  Eventually, the only thing left to do was to dress Kawaii or "be" Kawaii!  Many visitors of Japan would report seeing young girls dressed as baby dolls or in clothing that you perhaps would only see babies wearing, with giant hair bows and fluffy appendages.  This trend became so enormous, Japanese society at large began to cash in and Kawaii is now its own industry!
Granted, Kawaii is an Asian trend and its derived mostly from aspects within Asian culture, but its big and its hot and something we in the States have to know about!  I know American girls will probably never consider over sized baby outfits as the new fashion trend, but the idea of making boring everyday accessories Bling is not a bad one, if I do say so myself!  The possibilities are endless!  I personally love the idea of covering cell phone cases and compact mirrors with miniature clay sweets, but that might not be everybody's first choice of embellishment.  However, most women would probably admit a cell phone, an Ipod or compact covered in rhinestone bling is head turning, thus I bring you Goodies and Bling!
Why my Goodies and Bling!?  Because I smother my accessories with sweet clay goodness, a flare I think is unique to my brand.  As well, I'm catering directly to the Sistas (and the brothas too), from every corner of the Diaspora, which is also something I don't think you'll find in any other company who's business is embellished accessories!  Keep it real though, I think anybody will like something about my Goodies and Bling!  I'm also trying to keep my accessories affordable.  I mean, I love a cell phone covered in Swarovski, but I'm not paying $235 for it, nor would I ask anyone else to.  Lastly, every one of my products must be of the finest quality, that's why all of my Bling is genuine Swarovski crystal and all of my Goodies are made of the best polymer and air dry clay.  If my products aren't made from the best, then my brand means nothing.
Remember, February is our month and Goodies and Bling! is all about us!  As well, in February, we celebrate Love Day and Goodies and Bling! is all about love.  So link over to my Etsy store, siteFacebook page or my Twitter and browse through the many items I have to offer.  Whatever you decide to buy, whether it's for your boo or for yourself, sit back and relax, because you're going to love my Goodies and Bling!      

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