Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Online Business Stuff, Whew!

OMG you guys!  I am at my computer morning, noon and night, linking, posting, uploading, downloading, copying HTML and placing ads!!!!!!!!!!!!  This stuff is Hectic!  I mean its not hard, but it is tedious as hell!  I've discovered its a cyclical thing (sp).  I have to post here, then link back, then link here and post!  Round and round it goes tryin to get people to visit my blog and store.  OMG!  What did I get myself into?  I need some help from veterans.  I just invited my whole FB to this blog, somebody has got to know something!  Hit me fam, please.  I'm sayin, I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing, but it seems like there should be an easier way!

Down to business.  Okay.  To those of you who I told to check out my blog personally to get some explanation on the difference between the cell cases I sell and the cheap stuff you've seen on other sites is I use 100% Swarovski Crystal rhinestones!  Swarovski rhinestones are not acrylic rhinestones, in other words, plastic.  THEY BLING.  Imagine crystal, like crystal vases or statuettes.  Well, Swarovski makes rhinestones out of crystal!  And they aren't cheap.  In fact, they are exquisite.  When I cover a case in Swarovski stones, it looks like a diamond encrusted work of art.  For what I have to spend to make a case, I can't charge any less than what I am now (unless you have a smaller phone with a back fitting case only, then we can negotiate).  Yes, you can get a plastic rhinestoned cell case for much cheaper than what I sell and if you pay more than $5 for it, you got took.  Love ya. 

I'll be back later.    

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